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PL Building Design can work with you to design you a new home to suit your specific needs and desires. We will take you through the options to ensure you make an informed decision.


We can cater for a variety homes from contemporary and modern to period and traditional styles adapted to your needs and lifestyle.


Whatever the style and whatever your budget we can help you design a brand-new home.


PL Building Design has experience in designing multi-dwelling developments to meet your requirements.


Due to our experience dealing with town planning on a regular basis, we can make the application process simpler by guiding you through every step, and PL Building Design can look after the application from lodgement until a permit is issued if required

PL Building Design


PL Building Design are proud to announce that we are working closely working with Decor Homes to design and developed single & double storey display homes at Thornhill Park, Rockbank. We predict to be providing around 50-100 new homes a year. Decor Homes mission

statement is as follows:


"We are a family run business with over 20 years experience that pride ourselves in quality rather than quantity. Not only do we over a large range of standard inclusions with every home built, but what really sets Decor Homes apart is that you will have a personal and direct contact with your builder, to help relieve the stress and to guide you throughout your building experience to ensure your dream home is built."


Have you outgrown your existing home? A renovation may be the answer to this question. We can design an extension and/or renovation to suit your needs, that will blend with the existing building so that it is hardly noticeable or alternatively a design with its own identity.


PL Building Design is here to help with any ideas you may have, and we can come to your home to talk you through the options in renovating your home.

PL Building Design

"From the beginning of our extension and renovation project, Pino extended warmth and enthusiasm. He was professional and flexible in meeting our needs and made every effort to meet our brief.  Pino held a genuine respect for the original features of our home and provided innovative solutions to tricky issues. He was reliable with timelines, and communication was clear and consistent.


We are grateful to Pino for encouraging and supporting us on our journey and highly recommend PL Building Design to anyone looking to do the same."



North Coburg